How to take care of reborn doll’s hair?

Rebirth doll's hair is usually made of mohair. It looks very thin and soft to the touch, just like real baby hair.So we need a lot of care and maintenance.First of all, we should pay attention not to use a hard and dense comb to comb reborn doll's hair, because a comb that is too hard and too thin will make the doll's hair knotted and frizzy.The best way is to spray a little water on the hair and then comb the doll's hair by our hand.For people who take care of reborn dolls for the first time, they may use doll toy combs directly. This is a wrong operation. The hair of reborn dolls is very fragile.

Reborn doll hair care.

In daily life, in order to make the doll look more beautiful, you need to clean the doll's hair regularly. Here we have some advice to help care for the baby's hair.

1.Use leave-in mohair conditioner

It can make reborn doll's hair more softer.Meanwhile, the price is cheaper, and it is more convenient to take care of the hair of the reborn doll.

2.How to wash the hair of the reborn doll with water?

We can use shampoo and conditioner to wash the hair of the doll, but we cannot directly put the reborn doll in the water to wash its hair. We should keep the doll's head under the sink faucet for cleaning. Because wrong posture may cause the doll's eyelashes to get water. After washing, gently wipe your hair with a towel and let it air dry.

3.Can stereotyped products be used for rebirth dolls?

Sure, most hair styling products on the market can be used for reborn dolls. If you want to take her out to play, you can use a gentle styling gel, it is very easy to wash with shampoo.But don't spray the styling product on other places where it is reborn, as this may damage the skin on the surface of the doll.