How to take care of the reborn doll?

How to take care of the reborn doll? | Reborn Shoppe

For those who have adopted a reborn doll for the first time, they may not know how to care for the reborn doll. So, let's learn together!

The reborn doll is not a real baby, but a work of art.Therefore, you be gentle with the reborn dolls and comb their hair gently to avoid scratches.

Avoid direct sunlight and high temperature. Reborn dolls are generally made of silicone and vinyl. When exposed to harmful ultraviolet rays or excessive heat, silicone and vinyl will soften and fade.

Avoid using objects that will stain the doll. When putting new clothes on the doll, make sure that the clothes will not fade. You can use wet wipes for testing. Be sure to pay attention to the dye used for painting, once the body of the doll is stained, it cannot be washed off.

Do not use alcohol-containing wet tissues to clean the doll's body, it will destroy the doll's paint

We do not recommend washing the hair of the reborn doll. If the hair is made of mohair, you can wet the hair directly to comb it. Please remember, don’t use a towel to dry your doll’s hair, it will cause the doll to lose hair.

These are some of the most important things you should consider when taking care of a baby. If you want to adopt a reborn baby, you can click On this website, you will find a cheap and cute Reborn baby.