What’s the Difference? Silicone Vs. Vinyl Material Reborn Dolls

Many customers are confused about silicone material and Vinyl material when buying dolls. What is the difference between silicone and vinyl? Let me introduce.


Silicone body:

1:The doll looks very realistic and feels super soft. You can really sink your finger and thumb into the material. The limbs of the doll can be bent at will, but they cannot stand up and sit well because they are too soft. You can also clearly see the wrinkles and pores on the baby’s face.but full silicone reborn doll is expensive.

2:Silicone is not a stable material to make baby dolls with, so it will become tacky over time. Because the properties of silicon that it gets hot to touch in a hot environment and cold to touch in a cold environment the dolls also show those characteristics and depending on your environment they can get hot or cold to the touch. Reborn shoppere.com commend powdering your baby doll once a week with baby powder in order to reduce the tacky feel of their skin.

3:Silicone baby dolls are also more susceptible to wear and damage. Silicone baby dolls, although more stretchy than vinyl, are more prone to ripping and you should be careful not to stretch their fingers and other extremities too far. Open mouths can also tear at the corners from repeated use of a bottle or pacifier.

Vinyl body:

1:vinyl is the touchably soft, durable material that makes our baby dolls have a real, baby-smooth feel.You can press into the limbs but they are NOT squishy and you cannot bend the ankles or wrists into unnatural positions.Think of it this way: A soft vinyl baby’s limbs feel similar to a real baby’s as a real baby would not have the ability to roll the limbs into extreme positioning because of the bones present to give stability to the body. Vinyl babies are flexible to the extent determined by their body style. And they have 2 material,cloth body and Silicone vinyl body.  

2:vinyl also provides a durability.vinyl allows you to play, cuddle, and hug your doll without fearing the wear and tear!You can bath with doll, and make it up.You can reasonably expect 10-30 years of good life from your vinyl baby if you treat it well and care for it lovingly.

All in all:

It is difficult to say which material is better, because they all have characteristics and advantages. It depends on the customer's buying preferences. I hope you can choose the doll you need in the future purchase of reborn dolls. And think it will keep you happy for many years to come.