What should we do for the first purchase of a reborn doll?

What should we do for the first purchase of a reborn doll? | Reborn Shoppe


Many people may be buying reborn dolls for the first time and don’t know what to do? If you want to quickly enter the role of reborn mother, this article could help you.

  • Know the doll’s size

It is very important to know the size of the doll. According to the size of the doll, you need to prepare clothes and other baby suppliers. Especially when you want to create a separate space for the doll, you need to buy a suitable crib and cradle.

  • Determine the body’s body material

When you are buying a reborn doll, you need to know that you are buying a vinyl body or cloth body. Because vinyl body can be bathed, but cloth body dolls cannot.

  • Choose the right clothes

Firstly, you should choose clothes that fit the size of your reborn doll.  For example, 17''-18'' reborn dolls wear 1-2 months baby clothes, 20''-22''  dolls wear about 3 months baby outfits.Secondly, cloth dolls should wear long-sleeved clothing, because 2/3 of their arms are cloth.Finally, you can choose clothes according to the season, and treat them like real children.

  • Choose a bottle and pacifiers

Most reborn shops give away magnetic pacifiers and bottles. But you can buy real baby bottles. If the reborn doll has a wide-open mouth, you can even use a real pacifier. Such as TwinA, TwinB series.

  • Choose a pair of shoes

When you don't know which size shoes should be worn by the reborn dolls, you can estimate based on the size of the doll. For example, 17-19 inch reborn doll wears about 2 months baby's shoes.

  • Buy shower gel and shampoo

The reborn doll's hair and body need to be washed regularly. You can buy some harmless products used by babies.Use mild baby clean products to avoid damaging the baby’s skin and causing fading.

  • Buy some toys

Buy some cute toys for the reborn doll to play, it will make you feel that taking care of the reborn doll is full of fun.

❤❤❤ Above are our suggestions for mothers who are buying rebirth dolls for the first time. Hope it will be useful to you.