• Does reborn doll have movable parts?
The arms and legs of the reborn dolls can be moved up and down.

  • Can I change my order ? I want to order another product.
You could change the product in the order before the product has been shipped.If you want to change your order,please tell us your order number when you email us. And if the price of the new one is higher, And you need to make up the difference .

  • Why I did not receive a confirmation letter ?
I'm sorry .It really happens that some customer cannot receive the confirmation letter,and the undelivered mail returned to sender.Please tell us the email or name when you make the order, so we could check it for you.

  • How can I pay the order ?
We only accept paypal and credit card now.

  • Are these finished baby dolls or are they an unfinished kit?
These baby dolls are already finished and painted. They come with clothes, pacifier, baby bottle and birth certificate.

  • Can the doll swim ?
Only the baby with full silicone body could be immersed into the water and play with your lovely child. Baby with cloth body could not be put into water.

  • Can I change the address ?
The address could be changed before the doll has been shipped. Once the doll has been shipped, we could not change the address any more.