How a Reborn doll is made: curiosities and secrets
09.03.2021 | rebornshoppe | Reborn Dolls Tutorial

How are Reborn dolls done? Why do they seem so true? And why, if they are artisanal, are they produced in series? Ahhhh, how many times have you asked the phone, whatsapp or a fb post. But since he asks is lawful, responding is courtesy and we love kindness, we decided to satisfy all your curiosities about realistic dolls and their production process.

Why are our Reborn dolls special?
<< But if they have this origin so artisanal, why are your Reborn dolls produced and sold on a large scale? Then it is not true that every doll is unique! >> Do not skip quickly to the conclusions. Our dolls are different from the others you find at a bargain price on Amazon or Ebay because they are made with precious materials and are also based on hand work.

Our Reborn dolls are in fact a product halfway between the manufacture and the industry, then place in an intermediate band, between the luxury model and the toy. Ah, if you noticed the photo of our Reborn which, however, costs 30-40 euros less on another website, then you have to know that you probably ended up in a trap. Eye to the scam, therefore, so as not to run in bad surprises.

What materials do we use to make a Reborn doll?
<< But how do they have the skin so soft the rose dolls? >> Well, we proceed by exclusion. Certainly because we do not use the same material used for the Cicciobello. Our dolls have silicone skin. But not any silicone, but the vinyl one cropped in so many thin layers put one above the other. That's why when you touch the braccino or the Bambolotto foot, you will have the feeling that your finger lies in a meat so tender to remember just that of a newborn.

And the hair? They look so natural. Well, the merit is of a special fiber obtained from an equally special animal: the goat of Angora. His mantle is covered by the mohair, a long, soft, smooth and above all bright hair as a silk. Here is this precious material covers the head of a newborn baby or with lots of hair.

But do those eyes so expressive? They seem to talk, how is it possible? We immediately explain it. They are imported from Germany and hand-painted with elegant acrylic colors that give that real effect to dolls.

How to build a Reborn doll?
<< Ok, the dolls are made with these materials. But how do they produce? What are the techniques? >> Hey, how many questions. Now we answer you immediately. Do you remember the hair in Mohair? Good. Then it is not enough to get them from the corner of the angora goat and paste them on the head of the Reborn doll. It serves dexterity, capacity and Taastaha patience, since they go they must be inserted by hand and one at a time with small needles, trying to follow a "natural" verse to create a combed / spotted effect depending on the model.

Not even for the brackets and the legs use the glue. Why? Well, on the one hand because we don't love these chemicals, on the other because the "movements" of our tender friends would be precluded. Also for this reason, we adopert the interlocking technique to assemble the limbs to the corpicino. And the same is also true for the feet and the head.