Why Choose Us

At Reborn Shoppe, we treat ourselves and our customers as one big family. This means always providing you with the best, from our well-known high-quality dolls to our first-class customer service, including the best guarantee in the industry!

For thousands of years, dolls have fascinated people of all ages. At Reborn Shoppe, we are honored to continue this tradition. Since 1995, our dolls have set the highest quality standards, delighting thousands of collectors by reigniting fond memories and inspiring their imagination. Every doll we provide comes from the creativity of award-winning doll artists and designers, and we are happy to work with them every day.

As doll lovers, we know that every detail is important. That’s why we use high-quality materials such as vinyl, porcelain and real silicone to make them carefully by hand,
Hand-rooted hair and hand-painted details make them come alive. Moreover, professionally tailored, custom-designed clothing uses the highest quality fabrics and decorations to make them look their best. Our artist original dolls can be sold for thousands of dollars, but we are happy to provide you with these quality dolls at very affordable prices, made even better with the interest-free payments available!

We like our dolls to look lifelike, how wonderful they are in our arms, and we hope you like them too. Many of our dolls have realistic sounds and movements to achieve the highest level of realism, so you can hear them cooing happily, feel their little "heartbeat", and see them gently "breathing" ". We not only provide mind-blowing and realistic dolls for adult collectors and children, but also provide stunning portrait dolls, naughty monkey dolls, unique doll furniture, custom clothing accessories and more.

Whether you are looking for the special doll you have always dreamed of, a lifelike doll that you want to hug, or you want to buy a gift for someone in your life, it's here, waiting for you to discover! At Reborn Shoppe, we have prepared a doll for everyone and are keen to provide the best for other doll lovers.

Experience The Reborn Shoppe Difference

Showcasing over 30 years of award-winning doll artistry

Uniquely crafted to capture the character and quality of each doll

Superb handcraftsmanship and skillful hand-painting

Luxurious fabrics, expertly tailored costuming and innovative accessories

Interest-free monthly payments

Backed by the best-in-the-business, 365-day, unconditional guarantee

A U.S. based employee-owned company