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Reborn Shoppe

The only merchant in the whole network that dares to support the reborn doll of cash on delivery!

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Experience The Reborn Shoppe Difference

  • Showcasing over 12 years of award-winning doll artistry
  • Uniquely crafted to capture the character and quality of each doll
  • Superb handcraftsmanship and skillful hand-painting
  • Luxurious fabrics, expertly tailored costuming and innovative accessories
  • Interest-free monthly payments
  • Backed by the best-in-the-business, 365-day, unconditional guarantee
  • A UK. based employee-owned company
Make it Extra Special with Our

Handcrafted Doll Accessories

Dress Up Your Doll with Custom-Designed Outfits! Whether it's time for bed or time to play, each outfit created for our dolls is hand-tailored for a perfect fit. Pamper your little one with a wardrobe of adorable and fashionable looks, and share sweet snuggles with our blankets and buntings.



"Love, Love, Love Reborn Shoppe Dolls. They look and feel so realistic. Hard to pick any favorite ones because they are all so precious."



"I have ordered several dolls from Reborn Shoppe over the years and everyone has been of high quality and just as they are shown in their advertisements! I am Very Well Satisfied with their selection, quality and price! Thank You Reborn Shoppe!"



"Extremely happy with my purchases! Shipping was very timely too. I was shocked at how real my items felt. I will absolutely buy from you again. Thank you for making great items that are affordable for everyone."



"Love the guarantee and the quality of the dolls. This is my 4th order."


Garer Traef

I bought this as a gift for my (will be 2) daughter. She absolutely loves baby dolls so I could not resist getting her this. I just know she will love it.


Flear Sharp

The doll is earlier than expected. I washed and comb her hair as well a styled it. Some of the hair came out when i was combing her hair like me but can't really tell I look all through didn't actually see where it pulled out from so she has a head full of hair and i love it.


Sacerty Pamant

Am very impressed with the quality and looks. So much for the packaging much worth it. Looks so cute, exactly as displayed and thick. Came with an extra cloth, a bottle and a pacifier that is magnetic. Overall, nice purchase!


Dapert Teral

This doll is so lifelike that I was amazed when my daughter and I opened the box! I’ve bought real baby clothes (premie and newborn size) for her and she’s absolutely adorable! Definitely a great buy!!!


Collectible Dolls Celebrate Your Passion for Exquisite Doll Artistry

I live in Hong Kong, China. I am a wife and a mother of two good children. Because I like children and dolls, I started to create reborn dolls in April 2010. I am a full-time rebirth artist, so I can take the time to create the best reborn doll.

At the beginning I only made all-silicone reborn dolls, but later found that many friends also wanted to have a realistic doll, but they couldn't afford it (because the price of all-silicone dolls is at least US$5,000, and some require US$10,000 to 20,000.). Later, I changed the material of the doll to "vinyl", because vinyl was used as a material, which greatly reduced the cost of making the reborn doll. In this way, more friends can use a realistic doll.

Although the materials for making dolls are now used, all the craftsmanship remains the same. For example, the skin, hair, eyes, and eyelashes of the reborn doll are all artificially made, and it takes nearly 10 days to complete. The same is true. The quality of the reborn dolls I made is definitely better than those industrially produced reborn dolls. If you need all silicone as the material to make the reborn doll, you can contact me by email, and I will customize the reborn doll you want according to your needs.

My philosophy: I want to share my work with more friends!