It's so cute! I think it should sell $200 USD even more! Will get my second doll from Reborn Shoppe.


My daughter is obsessed with dolls. She wanted more of a toddler looking doll so we picked this one. She really likes it. Little creepy looking when she is in the box lol but once you take her out she was very cute. Very durable and soft. My 8 year old likes this one and she is picky about her dolls!


purchased this doll for my six year old granddaughter. A little more $ than I wanted to spend but.....she luvs her new baby. She had outgrown her plastic doll babies...her new doll feels real & looks real. I know it was the right choice. My only complaint is the doll arrival a little late , this was noted by my granddaughter. Noting that as our only issue?

B. Hendricks

Gift for my granddaughter and arrived perfect. She opened her gift at a restaurant and I was holding her new baby, a lady walked by and said, I thought you were holding a real child!

Guynelle Randle

My daughter loves her new doll! She came in earlier than expected and just as described. The quality is good and her hair is pretty easy to maintain and looks cute.

Byron May

Wow... she looks so real it's almost scary!! Even feels real in your arms! Super cute! Love the outfit!!! My daughter is obsessed with this baby.


The doll is gorgeous!!! Thank you very much, the delivery is fast, the price is excellent