20" April Darling Real Baby
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20" April Darling Real Baby
20" April Darling Real Baby
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Reborn Girl Doll | 20" April Darling Real Baby | Silicone Body Baby Doll | Reborn Shoppe

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Weight: 1200g
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Doll Material: Silicone
Kleidungs ​​Material: Cloth
Set type: doll
Spielzeugserie: Lifestyle
Passende Alterstufe: 0-12 Monate Alt

baby ID card
❤ Name: Teresa

❤ Gender: Baby girl

❤ Height: Fabric Body: 20'' / 50.8cm

Vinyl body: 18'' / 45.72cm

❤Weight: 1.65 lbs

❤Hair: Hand transplanted mohair or synthetic hair

❤ Eyes: Close your eyes

❤ Eyebrows: 100% hand-painted

❤ Nail Art: 100% handmade manicure, pink nail bed, translucent manicure

❤ Fragrance: Sweet scent of baby powder

Details about this baby:

(1) Baby Doll is available in 2 body materials

cloth body
It's all about sweetness! The baby's shoulders and body are made of high-quality cotton, and the inside is filled with PP cotton; the arms and legs are silicone, and the limbs are not removable. These dolls have no sex. They can sit and lie down easily, but cannot stand or take a bath.

Silicone body
The bodies and limbs of these babies are made of silicone, and the limbs are removable. The baby is made of silicone, a girl, can easily sit up and lie down, or get up to take a bath.

(2) SIZE - 20"/50.8 cm from head to toe, soft touch silicone head, face and limbs, weighted body for real baby feel, kids can re-wear anywhere.

(3) Hair - Hair can be washed and combed. If your hair is a little messy, use a wig-specific comb to take care of it gently.

(4) Safety Certified - Meets or exceeds ASTM F963 and EN71 safety requirements for ages 3+ and is safe for your child.

(5) PERFECT FOR - Holiday Gifts, Birthday Gifts, Children's Play Toys, Grandpa or Grandma Accompanying Dolls, Couples and Collectors' Collections.

Packaging (free gift: bottle and pacifier)
❤ 1 doll
❤ 1 x Baby Clothes
❤ 1 x bottle
❤ 1 pacifier
There are three main materials for our reborn dolls, silicone, vinyl and cloth. Silicone is soft, as soft as a real human body, very real. Vinyl is slightly harder than silicone. The cloth is mainly used for the production of body parts. Reborn dolls come in cloth, vinyl and silicone bodies.

In order to meet the needs of various consumer groups, Reborn Shoppe provides three different product services:

The first: a reborn doll made of silicone. This kind of reborn doll is generally made of the highest-grade materials (such as silicone), and the production time generally takes 35 to 40 days, so the production cost is relatively expensive. For example: skin, hair, eyes, eyelashes are all made by hand. Therefore, its price is relatively expensive, so for consumers to buy at ease, Reborn Shoppe supports cash on delivery for dolls reborn from silicone, but because its production cost is relatively expensive, customers need to spend 100 US dollars or 100 Euros to pay for the logistics and transportation costs, we will make them. Of course, you can also provide us the look (photos) of the doll you like, and we will customize the doll according to your needs.

The second: a reborn doll made of vinyl. This doll is mainly a semi-industrial and semi-handmade doll. Through industrial production, the outline of the reborn doll is produced, and then the doll's demeanor is artificially drawn. During this process, the skin, hair, eyes, and eyelashes of the reborn doll are all made by hand, and it takes about 13 to 15 days to make by hand. Compared with the first one, in fact, this service is more suitable for more consumers, because except for the different raw materials, almost all the materials are the same, and the doll's demeanor is also the same. This is also a product highly recommended by Reborn Shopp.

The third type: using vinyl as raw material, through industrial production, direct machine production. It's more of a doll than a reborn doll. Therefore, this kind of doll is also a "cheap reborn doll" that many consumers like to buy. According to our Reborn Shoppe's point of view, this product is actually more expensive than the second one. Because the logistics costs of both are similar.

Reborn Shoppe recommends: The production cost of the third doll is generally $30 to $35, the logistics cost is $35 to $40, and the profit margin of the seller's sales is $30 to $50. According to this calculation, the price of this doll is generally It's $95 to $125. Therefore, for those who have purchased reborn dolls, the dolls you purchased additionally are below $125. The reborn dolls you received must be this kind of dolls.